Neighborhood niceness

Okay maybe I’m just new at this ‘neighborhood’ thing but is it normal for the 80 year old couple next door to throw you a big potluck block party in your honor tuesday night welcoming you to the neighborhood? I almost grabbed the box cutter next to me in self defense when they stopped by yesterday to tell us. But then I thought…. maybe they’re selling something. I’ll just have to politely decline the magic healing lotion and make sure not to bring my check book.
But could it be possible our neighbors are just nice? We lived in the same apartment in Hoboken for 3 years and I couldn’t tell you the name of one of our neighbors that lived below or above us. We’ve been here for one week and they’re holding parties in our honor, leaving us fresh produce from their gardens at our door (my first thought… is it poisoned?) and offering up food and emergency supplies during the blackout last week. I’m just waiting for one of them to bring over the NONI juice and start their MLM work. It’s all so bizarre to me.


Do you guys have a calling yet or have you been asked to speak in Sacrement?Utah’s cool like that though. We’ve been at our place for over a year & still get veggies, jams, breads, etc. from anonomous people left on our doorstep.

Careful of that zucchini left on the porch. You never know…

I thought it was crazy when we were working at our house every night (not finished) & people would bring over fresh pies, dinner & cookies! It was crazy nice.I hope you trust Utahn’s soon … not all of us have things to sell you.

except none are LDS on our block except for the old couple and they aren’t in our ward (they’re in the newly wed/nearly dead ward). there’s a separate ward for people with kids under 18 that we’re in- but we’re only in it because we own and are having a baby. literally those are the criteria that got us into the family ward. it’s wierd.

What they are really thinking is, “Whew! Some young people, now I don’t have to be the Bishop” or “Relief Society President anymore.”

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