So we have this large space for a dining room/entry room that I’m not quite sure what to do with (obviously besides putting in a dining room table). The usable space (minus the walkway from the door to the kitchen) is 16 ft. long and about 9 ft. wide. I hate to use the entire space for just a dining room table that we probably won’t use much because we have some eat in kitchen space for casual meals. So if I put a dining room table at one end, what should I do with the other end? Living in small apartments for the last decade I’ve found some clever ways to break up space like a bookshelf like this one from ikea in the middle of the room dividing up the dining area from the ‘other’ area. But then what should we do with the ‘other’ area? It seems like if I’m going to divide it up, each space should have a purpose. Maybe I should just be okay with the large space despite my instincts to use every possible square foot of this house (again, from a decade of small space living). Any advice?