Desert trip

The last few days we’ve been down in Southern Utah camping and hiking around. It was such an awesome trip. Jared took a bunch of pictures with a non-camera phone (so stop your whining) and posted them here on flickr.
Here are some of the highlights:

Camping on a starry night in Escalante

Beautiful slot canyons in Escalante

Camping down at Lake Powell.
I bought a bathing suit at the local store got a M kids instead of M adult and we had to cut it into a two pieces so I could fit into it. Problem was, we didn’t have a knife or scissors so we used a sharp rock. It worked great.

Skinny dipping in the pool above and the longest hike ever 30miles above Lake Powell. It was supposed to be 3 hours but ended up being NINE because of a choke stone that blocked our path at the end of the loop hike and forced us to turn around and go back the long way we came. It was rough but we survived with a few scrapes and bruises trying to get over that freakin’ choke stone and from the hours upon hours of weed whacking through tamaracks. Arg.

On our way home we stopped at Goblin Valley which was pretty amazing


I can’t believe you went hiking and camping while pregnant! Most pregnant women are irate if they have to stand on the subway (well, at least I would be if i were with child).

what an awesome trip!I love the bathing suit storysharp rocks ehh?haha very clever

Wow! That looks amazing. What a beautiful place.And great idea for that suit. The rock worked well : )

I’m so jealous! That looks so fun & I’m cracking up at the swimsuit thing!

fyi there’s one photo of liz in the suit on the flickr page

if you guys are that desperate to see what i look like in a size medium kids bikini 6 months pregnant than email me and i’ll send it to you

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