The Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey circus is in town. Jared and I went last night . Okay, so maybe that sounds nerdy but it was actually really fun and you can get super cheap tickets for only $10. The acrobats were amazing! The song selection was so awful and cheesy that I wanted to plug my ears in offense, but again, the acrobats were amazing. I found this picture below on flickr of my favorite act. These Chinese acrobats were unreal- and that little one on the top? She must have been like 5 years old, the same age as my nephew Jonah. Wow.

I know it sounds awful, but I was secretly hoping to see some kind of major mishap- like a tiger attacking its trainer, or an acrobat falling from the sky. Is that sick and twisted? I mean, not like critically injured, but just to add a little excitement and a touch of realism into it all. We did see one tight rope walker fall but he caught himself hanging by his hands (boooo), and a clown landed badly on a flip and went limping off stage. But sadly, no attacking tigers.