Bribery and unpacking

Well we finally have our internet hooked up! Our appointment with Comcast was actually in three weeks. Clearly, this wouldn’t do. In desperation one day we saw a Comcast truck driving on the road ahead of us and proceeded to follow them for a little while in the neighborhood. In the midst of their u turn, we pulled in front of them and forced them to stop, jumping out of the car waving two $5 bills (think ‘C.O.P.S.’). Jared ran to their window begging them to come sooner, promising much more money of course. Who can say no to that? The next morning they were at our house bright and early setting us up. They claimed they had never been flagged down like that -ever, and that we were ‘crazy’. I’d prefer aggressive and persistent, maybe even ‘super hero-ish’ but it got the job done. Explaining that we had just moved from NJ seemed to clear things up a little bit.

Our moving truck came two nights ago in the middle of a huge rain storm. The power went out 5 minutes after our last box entered the house and didn’t go back on until about 6am the next morning. Luckily our neighbors brought us over flashlights so we could find our way around the boxes, set up our bed and get some rest.
Here are some unpacking pictures. The only room that looks livable right now is the living room and kitchen. The rest is a lot of boxes….

(living room- still a work in progress but a livable space)

(jared in the baby’s room/ temporary office – of course setting up the computer is TOP priority)

(dining room/entry way- we don’t have any furniture yet for this room, so boxes seem to fill the void nicely)


Great story liz!I can’t wait to see your house next time i visit Utah.

What a great house! I can’t wait to see what you do in the peanut’s room.

Enjoy the unpacking and putting away – I love that part of moving…

Hey ralpher, where is your new place? Is it by LDS hospital? I think I drove by it…

You couch looks so great in that space. I’m glad you’re finally in.

One must ALWAYS have internet access. There is no way for there to be sanity w/o it. I love the flagging down story.

I really love your house! I’m glad you’ve finally got internet too. I’ve missed your posts Liz.Great idea about the bribe!

YAY! When do I get to come see? I may just show up tonight…

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