Why can’t Jared just wear the bottoms of the suit you “made” at Lake Powell?

i really wish you hadn’t tricked me into clicking on that link.

after that 9 hour hike jared took me on down in southern utah, i think he’ll agree to model them

liz, you are settling down into quite the homemaker. i thought utah might have that effect on you.

Hummmm. Who could you get to model those when you are done? Jared? And please use the real camera you guys recently got not the camera phone. Better picture.

ha ha you’re all going to be wishing you had these jeans on thanksgiving

You’re awesome & very crafty Liz. I wish I could have done that but I got gigantic & there’s no way I could wear my regular pants.You’re one of those girls that only looks pregnant from the belly…lucky!

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