Liz, I think it’s a great pregnant belly. I think I could spare some of my giant baby pills Rachel was referring to. I think this baby has had enough for now, and needs to slow down.

I see definite progress, you might look into taking some of Megan’s “Giant Baby” pills though and we might see a little more.You look great!

you look the same in both photos! Liz, when are you going to admit that this is all just a sham to get presents for yourself!

okay first of all i DO own a digital camera, but it’s just inconvenient to use and then download the pictures. camera phones are way easier. second of all- i’m not sticking it out i just have bad posture (hence the curved back)

Okay so I will give you some slack, since this is your first. And with my first I also got a little antsy and wanted to start showing….but I can totally see that you trying to show more by sticking your stomach out. Notice the curve in your back. It’s okay Liz. Unfortunately for you (or fortunately as some of us would say) you just don’t look 6 months along. But you still look cute …and pregnant.

How is it you can own a home but you don’t own a decent digital camera?:) You look really cute.

Liz, you are itzy bitzy for being 6 months along! I think I looked full term at that time!You look way cute!

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