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Normally couples avoid certain touchy discussions in their marriages until they’re in really good moods…. finances, in laws, past relationships, etc…. but some things are unavoidable.
Baby names has now moved to the top of our ‘touchy subject’ list. After we finally started sitting down and making lists I’m starting to think that for the sake of our marriage we should just name the kid ‘baby’ and move on. We’ve not only disagreed on every name but also managed to deeply offend each other with new suggestions that come up. I finally told Jared that one spouse (i.e. logically, the one who doesn’t have to go through labor) is supposed to just agree with the other’s spouse’s name that they love, but somehow Jared didn’t agree.

Any suggestions?


There’s something sacred about naming a person. It’s not like picking a name for the dog. Be quiet. Trust. Don’t try to impress anyone.

Oh, if only it would be Ranger. Then if he wanted to be a Forest Service Ranger but was only good enough to work at the information desk his name would say “Ranger Stanley” and everyone that met him in their quest for mor information would say, “oh, are you a Ranger? Just filling in for the help desk?” and every time it would just hit him to the core how he was never good enough to be a real Forest Ranger.Yeah J, I would definetly go with Liz’s names.

Guys, it’s simple. Jared, YOU choose the last name and elizabeth gets to choose the first name . . .

You don’t have to tell Jared this, but I can guarantee that once he sees you go through labor he’ll be so in love with you that you can name that kid whatever you want. Seriously, Seth was in awe. Here’s what we did- I called her plum while in the womb (I wanted to refer to her someway) and we both kept a constant top five list. When she was born we had it narrowed down to two that we agreed on. Had she been blonde, I think her name would have been option #2, Chloe. But, even though we named her moments after birth, it took me a couple of weeks to get used to, sometimes I’d still call her Chloe. Weird. Anyway, your kid is going to have a killer name. And if you guys can’t agree Seth just offered to name your baby for you.

With Colin I really had to ponder what I wanted out of a name for him. I decided I wanted it to be of the same heritage as his last name (basically British Isles) and something that wasn’t too weird or too conservative – you know so he could be a banker or an artist and you wouldn’t assume one or the other just by his name. (This wasn’t true with all my children, but for Colin I thought these rules were important.) Don’t worry, you have lots of time, you’ll find the perfect name.

Very touchy subject, but we never had too much of a problem…..For boys I am a fan of last names….my boy, Cohen….but I also like…Nelson and Sawyer.Sawyer Stanley.I like that one.

Whatever you name him just follow the basic rules of English. It is never good when a mother is offended because I didn’t spell “Madison’s” name correctly. As mother has chosen to spell it: MaDySsin.Gee, why didn’t I know how to spell it…?

maybe you could name him “mormon” after his rich heritage and one of your favorite prophets.

You are so right – I’m surprised people haven’t divorced over baby naming. Or maybe they have. We avoided the subject as long as possible after the first few encounters. Hopefully one will just come along for you that just works. Luckily that happened with us. But don’t worry about other people’s opinions or what category or list the name falls under if you like it. Cash was on the list of “Most Likely to Become a Truck Driver.”I would say to go in with a name decided on just in case – our baby didn’t look like what we’d picked out, but they grow into it. Good thing we didn’t go by the “what-he-looks-like-when-he-comes-out” idea because when he came out, Cash just looked like a Mexican.

This doesn’t help your actual problem so much (both agreeing on the same name) but my main suggestion would be not to tell people the name before the baby gets there. . . it saved us a lot of grief. Everyone has an opinion before the baby is born but for people are so tactless as to say “you named your baby WHAT?” ps I love Otto

Or he’ll grow up to be a western-style bank robber, Spencer.

Jared, here’s a tip, just go along woth what she says but know, only one of you gets to stand in the circle to name the baby.

I like Otto, I like Henry. Just make sure the name is not 1. Contained somewhere within the Lord of the Rings trilogy or 2. The name of an occupation. I’m afraid the name “Ranger” falls under each of those restrictions. You could always name him “Clyde” and ensure that he is a linebacker…

Well I’m not sure I’m up to date on all the options but Henry is the best option over Ranger or Otto and I really hope Otto is a joke. I’ve said this many times before but before anyone gets too “unique” or whatever I would like to invite them to spend a week in my 9th grade classroom with that name. Trust me, Otto is going to hate you when he is a teenager. But I agree with one thing… the one who gives birth gets final say!!

um… could you please put the list of names back up?? i want to make fun of some of jared’s… thank you in advance.

before i got prego the second time i made dan sign an agreement that i got final say on the name. its tough. good luck.

We just agree on 100% veto power if there is a name the other spouse absolutely hates. My son could have been Rufus. Which actually doesn’t sound as bad right now as it did when the dog that won Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show was named Rufus. I took that as a sign.

Liz, we had the best boys names thought up but not any girls names. We finally agreed to name Anavey because of it’s meaning & we respected where the name came from. When people ask her name…we always get weird looks, but most people think it’s pretty. Then I get to tell them what it means & they love it.Name him Sue so he’ll be tough.

if liz would just agree on ranger then this would all go away….

We didn’t name Robin until we were trying to leave the hospital and this little old lady said we couldn’t go home unless we gave her a name for the Social Security application. We made a decision quickly.

we have also had very different opinions about baby names and decided we would have our own lists to discuss with each other, but put a list on the fridge with only names we both agreed on- we both have veto power cos it would just suck to have a kid one of us hated the name of.With our first, that mutual interest list had about 15 names on it by month 9, but we each had crossed out so many over the months that on delivery date we had 5 to choose from we both liked. Once we lookd at him we knew which one would be best. Zane.With this one, it’s my last month and we have 3 names on that list, it’s been blank all this time cos we can’t agree. I plan to have us each sit with a baby name book, make our own lists without discussion until the end of the book, and then compare. Hopefully we will have a couple more mutual agreed upon names after that.also- nymbler is a good site. luck! you still have lots of time.

The idea of picking my childs name scares me. I feel like it will label me & the baby. Am I trendy, weird, too Utah, old fashioned or normal … yikes.Right now our names are pretty ordinary but if we really had to choose I think we might have a hard time. Best of luck!

yeah i love both of those. i’m still hoping jared will cave on one of them. but i think he’s thinking the same thing about his favorite name ‘ranger’

Yeah, I like Liz’s names more–except for a few on Jared’s. I like Henry and Otto ,they are on our master list.

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