We’re back and we’re under contract to buy this cute house pictured above in the avenues. We’re so excited but it was a very stressful trip. Somehow we thought we’d take a look at a few homes and then just pick the best one….but thirty homes later and with each of our top three different, we were losing sleep over it. I’m glad we decided on this one though. I have a few pictures of the inside I’ll post later. It’s in a great neighborhood, only a couple miles from Jared’s work and is 101 years old. It’s in great condition, but the only problem is we need to build a staircase and redo the roof. We have a ton to do now that we’re back in Hoboken (i.e. pack all of our crap) and coordinate with builders/architects/agents about the house but I’ll try to continue to post regularly. We’ll be calling this place home by the end of this month. Yeah!


looks like a perfect place to come home to.i’ll bet it has some great 101 year old faucets for jared to take pictures of.

good job… you couldn’t find anything built in the last century huh? oh well.

Fantastic curb appeal! Congrats!I can’t imagine life without shared walls… I’m jealous!

I’m going to have HUGE BBQ up on that 2nd story deck – I guess you guys can come.

What fun!! It looks great! (Sigh) You have trees, you’re so lucky.

Congrats again, Liz and Jared. It looks fantastic. I want to visit.

very cute! I sure hope you have extra clothes you’re giving up!

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