Poppin’ out part II

I can’t believe how quickly my belly is growing. Making up for a slow start I guess! I’m still making due with my low rise jeans but I think maternity clothes may be around the corner…..which poses some major concerns…..argggg…I’m holding out as long as I can (yeah for low rise jeans!) My sister, who is a midwife, says her teen moms make due their whole pregnancy with low rise jeans…wouldn’t that be nice? Just as long as I don’t have to bend over in front of anyone.


yeah i’m LOVING the maternity style right now. erica, thanks for the tip– i’m going to check out ebay for jeans!

P.S. Liz, Maternity looking shirts are in style right now so you can just buy regular shirts! Every time I go shopping I see big, long shirts. It’s perfect!!

Liz, I bought one pair of Rock & Republic maternity jeans & wore them the whole time. I loved them & then sold them on ebay for more than i bought them for! Sweet deal!I also wore my regular skirts & just wore them under my belly. Worked out great because I absolutely hate maternity clothes!

You look so cute! As for jeans here was my experience. My 2 fav. jeans were from motherhood (or mimi maternity–same company) and Target, both around $20. Also I splurged on a pair of cute maternity jeans that go under the belly and they were cute for a while, but when I got bigger SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Lame as they seemed to me, the most comfortable jeans were the wide-over-the-top belly band kind. Plus they kept my belly button from sticking out too much. I too was disappointed with H&M’s maternity selection. Lame.

yeah i was just at the maternity H&M yesterday—not only was the stuff not cute but they didn’t have any remotely close sizes . boooo

hey stock up on all sizes from the H&M – they have maternity in NY stores (I think the 34th st one) before you move. I swear you won’t find better deals for the fashion. Wishing I did that before I left.

yeah i love the belting!becca, i’m sold. it’s jared we need to convince!

a woman in our ward has a pair of Seven for all mankind maternity jeans. You should consider saving up!

Cute! You are showing! Thanks for the belt trick. I wear a belt all the time now.

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