One week left

Today we signed all the paperwork to close on our home. So scary, but really exciting! We only have one week left here. Isn’t it sad? I can’t wait to just get everything packed up, cleaned up and moved out.
Living in chaos is no fun.

We made a list this weekend of some last minute things we wanted to do this week before we left–some NY stuff.
These things include:

1. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge (I’ve never done it!).
2. Going to a play (we went to Shakespeare in the Park sunday night). Awesome even in the rain. check. We also might go see a Broadway play tomorrow night when my good friend Devon is visiting from out of town.
3. Taking the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty (JR’s never done it).
4. Shopping shopping shopping! Did that yesterday. Stocked up on H&M stuff and coveted designer maternity jeans. check.
5. A cool concert (we keep on missing them)
6. Hang out with good friends
7. Eat at our favorite restaurants (we have no choice but to do that exclusively now. All our kitchen is packed up as of this afternoon. I hope I can survive these next couple weeks without my kitchen aid)


For those that really want to see it that website should end like this:blindjustice_big.jpg

We walked over the Brooklyn Bridge when we were out there and ate at the pizza place and that is where we saw the star of Blind Justice eating right next to us: one with the glasses. Apparently he is blind and still fights crime?)Blind Justice may have lasted only an episode or 2 but my love for that pizza extends to this day.PS Make sure you hit that Chili’s that was next to our hotel there in Jersey hard. Chili’s out here is not near the same.

andy – we already gave them our names and the number of people in our party, we’re just waiting for the puck they gave us to light up and start buzzing.Liz – Patsy Grimaldi opened one other store in addition to thegrimaldi’s pizza in Brooklyn that you’re talking about – it’s located in Hoboken a stone’s throw from our apt. also, I’m going to have to go ahead and correct you and say that the best view of the city is in Hoboken as well!Erica – Liz would give my left arm to be on cash cab. she secretly hopes it’s the right one every time we get in one.

Aren’t you going to try to see P. Diddy before you leave? I thought that would be at the top of your guy’s list.And what about Cash Cab?

be sure to eat at Grimaldi’s (pizza) on the brooklyn side under the bridge- it’s where frank sinatra and his buddies used to hang out and bring your camera- best view of the city ever!

tgi fridays was where all the norwegians wanted to take us in Oslo … nasty. So what are your maternity jeans? My sister had some sweet ones but she already sold them all on eBay.

you should try to get a reservation at tgi friday’s. new york has THE BEST resturants!!

YAY! I can’t WAIT for you to move out here!!!go see Grease before you go!

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