(Mardi giving us a private tour of Fenway Park)

This weekend Jared and I hung out with my good childhood friend, Mardi, who lives in Boston. Mardi and I grew up right next to each other and have been good friends ever since. Mardi is not only super smart but is always doing something really exciting and adventurous. She travels a ton all over the world, does a lot of humanitarian work, church work and climbs mountains (being a serious outdoor enthusiast). We’ve had a lot of fun trips together. She came out to Utah and did Jared’s triathlon with me a couple years ago and kicked my butt. She is also the nicest person and a really good friend to everyone she meets. All these qualities and more scored her a super coveted job working for the Red Sox with all the head honchos. We went to a game with her in Boston friday night which was so much fun (I tried to ignore the glaringly disturbing fact that we both grew up Yankees fans…). Not only did we get to rub shoulders in exclusive seating with all the top executives who knew her well but we even hung out in the President of the Red Sox personal suite during the game. Talk about the glamorous life!! Saturday we went to a pro volleyball tournament, watching if from the catered VIP seats next to the COO of the Red Sox. It was so much fun.


Haha! I know – sorry – it’s just a reflex for us Yankee fans – every time we hear the word “Red Sox” we have to add a “sux” to the end of it! But then again we are the Evil Empire…

well spencer it’s good to know who she can knock of her list of giving free red sox vs. yankees tickets to! (snap!)

ouch spence- show some respect for your elders. . . I’m sure I changed your diapers back in the day. E&J, you truly are VIPs and it was so lovely to have you up in boston for the last time in a while!!

Yea Mardi! I would like to now quote Mardi at the age of 3 yrs old,”Ewizabet have boo eyes.” What more can I say?

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