guest post: jared – things i’ll miss about nyc

I. Things i’ll miss about NYC

  1. awesome pizza
  2. walking across the street whenever the eff you want
  3. the subway smell
  4. using the f word like a pronoun
  5. about 50,000 restaurants
  6. carrying around a metro card
  7. testimony meeting in our church
  8. working with the youth in our church
  9. Josh Gabby Liz’s fam nearby
  10. Good friends we have here
  11. Fireflies
  12. supergreg the one time we hung out
  13. Going for a run along the Hudson River with Manhattan in the background.
  14. being able to konk the car in front of you with your bumper and then konking the car in back of you until your car fits.
  15. Rita’s italian ice
  16. Halal chicken cart
  17. Welch’s grape soda

II. Things i’ll not miss about NYC(+Hoboken)

  1. parking
  2. trying to park
  3. trying to drive
  4. traffic
  5. “best by 09/18/07 – (in NYC 09/14/07)” – having to drink milk out of a container with this on it and wondering about those missing 4 days….
  6. cranking out long long crazy hours at work
  7. two hours/day devoted to commuting
  8. coworkers wondering what secrets i’m not telling them about mormons(new episode of big love was on hbo last night)
  9. paying $2000/month to RENT a 700-square-foot apt.
  10. having my knees hit the wall of said apt when i’m on the john.
  11. all the guido dudes and their narsty ladies.
  12. Dogs in Strollers and people treating their pets like little people.

III. Things im not looking forward to in Utah:

  1. running into those random people you kind of remember from high school/college
  2. ponzi schemes / pyramid schemes / network marketing proposals
  3. knowing all the restaurants
  4. being scared of traffic cops with nothing better to do.
  5. having to deal with the influence of popular opinion(no one really cares what you think or do in nyc which can be nice – I can wear a cape to work here if i wanted to – not that i’d want to, it’s just nice to have the option).
  6. anti-mormons – the ones who make their decisions based on the opposite of what the church does.
  7. all of the crappy billboards and ads – from concept to execution, and many times the product(also the abundance of home + car billboards)
  8. decals depicting calvin peeing on some sort of logo or graphic
  9. stickers and/or jackets with images of the tazmanian devil(i don’t know if they’re actually in Utah still, but i see them in Times Square so I know they’re still popular in somewhere)

IV. Things im looking forward to in Utah:

  1. point of the mountain
  2. Wasatch range
  3. randolph, Utah
  4. jackson hole
  5. matt tkl andles searle, etc and all our Utah friends
  6. the desert
  7. working at red
  8. being close to my mom
  9. being close to the Urquharts
  10. ranger
  11. owning a home with Liz
  12. losing my extra 20 pounds of jiggle(i’m convinced it’ll be gone by Christmas!)
  13. 2.1 mile commute to work
  14. Ski time!


we wish we wrote this list! perfect. i wanted to warn you about the family stickers, which in their sweetness are much worse than the calvin peeing ones. this is what i’d add to your list:thing i’d miss about new york: the instant credibility you get just for living herething i wouldn’t miss about new york: no bbqs in the summer. so sadthing i’d be bummed about moving to utah: when a truck that requires a step ladder to get into pulls up behind you and the headlights reflect from your rear view mirror right into your corneasthing i’d be excited about utah: watching stella and ranger fall in love. and market street grill king crab legs + key lime pie

I like how you mentioned the generally crappy exectution of advertising in UT as well as Mormons cheating Mormons.Good luck on the move and congrats on the house.

I second that Caroline. I hate those stickers too. I’ll be sitting behind a car & find myself counting the kids & then thinking “oh, and they have a dog”.Jared…do you remember our liscense plate 4R6KDS? We were making fun of my mom the other day for that one.

i hate the decals on cars that depict in cartoon form, the size/hierarchy of the family. sometimes they are stick figures, sometimes they are turtles. i don’t know why but they really make me far as food goes, i understand, but there are a few places that are pretty decent. but, i think we should have some sort of dinner club. you guys interested?

Liz,I don’t know if I can do bagels, but I can do really good pizza. We will have to go when you guys get settled. Until then, I will look out for the bagels.

bridgett, if you find me a good bagel place (non-chain) in slc then we can be friends! i think i’ll miss nyc bagels the most (PS been to Einsteins and although i love the tasty turkey sandwich, the bagels just don’t cut it on their own)

Jared,Can I be one of those random people you run into from college that you realize is really cool?Seriously we should hang out when you guys move out here. We live downtown probably close to you. We will bring you some Welch’s grape soda.

Love the lists. We’re so glad you’ll be closer. xoxo

great lists. i totally get most of these. the walking across the street one made me laugh out loud. I miss that. although the heated smell of urine in the subway during the summer will never be missed. as for welch’s- i miss getting sunkist off the street vendors cold with a staw anywhere you want in NY. I imagine that’s what you mean about welch’s (?)

Jared,you don’t have to miss Welch’s grape soda because we have it here you nerd.

The milk thing made me laugh so hard. I’ve been wondering the same thing, someone please explain it to me. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the restaurants in SLC, there’s some good stuff going on –

I like how you snuck ranger in there. Or liz, did you cave?

you can expect a lawsuit for posting that picture on the world wide web.

Great list, Jared. Hope you guys enjoy your last few days in Hoboken and NY. And hope your move goes smoothly. Very exciting times for you guys.

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