guest post: jared – cool video

this is a cool video i made with aub-fro and supergreg in logan(go aggies!)
acting by aubs and sg
music by iggy & the stooges
the rest by me
prepare to have your mind blown.


It’s highly possible that Ms. Trinnaman is wearing my coat in this video. Perhaps I should get wardrobe props? :)I wish I could take credit for her hair. It looks awesome.

i can’t take my eyes off of the flavah savah no matter how many times i watch it. was that the artist’s intention?

i hope we are all aware that this is a work of fiction… had that actually occured supergreg would have pinned that chick in about 1 second.

You had me when I saw Gregers hair.J&L, will you still say “yes” to Hoboken now that you have moved?

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