Goodbye Hoboken, Hello Salt Lake!

We’re officially moved out of Hoboken and are in Salt Lake getting things ready in our new house (pictures here if you missed them) to move in. Sorry we haven’t been blogging much, we don’t have internet right now and won’t for another week or so. It was sad to leave but things are going great and we’re really excited to be here.


You all stink! You already have like fifty zillion temples, confrence on prime time tv, distrubtion centers in the mall, and sconecutter! Just leave us the Stanleys… please.We Miss You

Liz, are you going to teach there?We were just there a couple days ago & I really miss it!

Hey Liz, just discovered your blog. I love the daytime picture of the Manhattan skyline. Have fun in sunny CA.

Love your blog and the pictures from Hoboken. I’m curious about that Hoboken restaurant that Robin K. has mentioned? Are we going to get to see it? Any other eateries the Stanleys frequent? xoxoxo

I didn’t know green beans could be yellow either. I guess we’ll all have to take a trip to Hoboken someday to see the yellow green beans.

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