Alphabet Cards

Jordan mentioned the idea of framing large alphabet cards in a nursery a couple weeks ago to me and I’ve been thinking about it every since.
I found some cute 8 x 10 ones here and here that I like, but I’d love to get just one poster sized vintage one. Has anyone seen anything like that?


Kendra, I’ve seen you comment on my sister’s blog (you’re friends with Dave in Maryland?) Small world.Liz, sorry, I haven’t been in the market for vintage alphabet cards… If you wanted to add vintage maps, I could help you out.

I found one down at South Street Seaport at an old book shop/printing shop/post office type place (it was one of the *historic* shops). It is pretty much the primary colors, but it has the whole alphabet (not just a few letters)…Love the vintage look!~Kendra

yeah i think what i’m looking for is pretty much one flash card blown up huge, not the whole alphabet.

Binth carries a beautiful alphabet poster. It’s not vintage — and maybe not the style you’re looking for. But it is gorgeous.

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