Summer vacation

Summer vacation has officially begun. Originally, my family reserved a beach house down in North Carolina this week, but we had to change plans last minute. To make up for it, we’ve been trying to do a lot of fun things this week so we aren’t too bummed about missing the beach vacation. Monday my sisters and mother and I went to a water park in NJ called Runaway Rapids, today we’re going to the jersey shore beach (we also went on Saturday), and tomorrow we’re going kayaking on the Delaware. Next weekend I’m staying at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas for a girls weekend with a couple girlfriends from the Manhattan singles ward and then it’s house hunting in Salt Lake and a family reunion in San Fran. Yeah for summer!


hope you let me know when you are in town so we can get some food together???

Mandalay Bay is where we always stay when we go. We got a complimentary suite that was giant on our honeymoon. We also saw MC Hammer with his posse. It was sweet!! I’m jealous of the shopping though…I love to shop too!

jordan, if we don’t drop while we shop, we aren’t shopping enough

I can’t wait until you come to SF. WE are going to shop SOO much. Oh man, I LOVE shopping. I bet we will shop ’til we drop.

it was awesome kayaking today!we were so skilled at getting stuck on rocks

It was great to meet you and catch up with Jared tonight. You guys will be all-star parents!-Paulps. I forgot your grandma’s name and my wife really wants to know since she grew up in that ward. send me an email when you get a chance –

Fun plans. It’s nice to vacation near home. You don’t have to travel so far and you get to enjoy your own territory.

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