Pregnancy woes

Tomorrow I’m 14 weeks along. I thought things were getting better, but the last week or so I’ve felt like I’m back at week 8- no appetite, exhausted and nauseous. I blame it all on a really crazy and stressful week that started with fainting in a subway station last Wednesday. I crave the oddest things: ranch dressing, corn nuts, turkey sandwiches (except I have to get the store baked turkey), grapes. Sugar, salads and most kinds of meat sound pretty gross to me. Yup, exactly like week 8 except I unbutton my jeans when I get in the car to drive home. I hope things get better soon. I think I need one of these spa treatments below…


hey becca, jared was trying something new on his phone. he was saying it’s okay for you to dress up for the harry potter movie as long as you don’t use your real name

Hey, congrats on being pregnant! I just linked over from another blog. Hopefully a rough pregnancy means an easy baby. Mine was the other way around.

liz, jared left me the strangest message on my phone. It sounded like a broken record; it just kept repeating “Hey, so Becca, we’ve been talking and we’ve decided it’s okay…” what is he talking about?

I want to go to the spa. Can I come too? That looks so nice and relaxing!

Congrats Liz – hang in there – I was sick until week 15. Hopefully it will all end soon. =)

dude the secret to pregnancy is totally the old skool lemon drops. I swear by it. I had a guy at work cook fish for lunch every day and without the lemon essence and taste I would have had to punch him in the face daily at noon.good luck!

Sounds lovely – hope you start feeling better! That can’t be fun!p.s. Jared – take this cue & schedule Liz a spa treatment. 🙂

that picture strangely kind of looks like you. minus the belly, which is coming, yeah!

hey liz! i’m sorry you’re still feeling sick. you sister told me you haven’t gained any weight. you need like 10 bags of corn nuts dipped in ranch. for every meal.

yeah i think rubber bands might be in the very near future for me

My loose pants I can still button except when sitting down. But all my “form fitting” jeans need rubberbands.

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