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Jared and I are deciding if we should use a moving company or not, since the new job has offered to pay for relocating costs. We’ve never used a moving company before and I have no idea what the costs would be. We will not be bringing a lot of our furniture, but will still have a good amount of stuff and could definitely use help packing up the nicer pieces that we are bringing. We are planning on flying out, not driving. We have friends who have used a crate. You fill it up and pack it as you want, and it gets shipped (driven) out in a week to your new home. That seems okay, but we are looking into all of our options. Has anyone used a moving company before that you can recommend to us to get started with a quote? Does anyone know how far ahead of time you need to reserve these things? I’ve never paid a cent to move before so I’m a little clueless.


Every time you hire movers, check with your local DOT, make sure you are dealing with scam artist.

Find local movers at Movers Corp, instantly compare the rates and services.

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I’ve used Redman Van, a Salt Lake City movers company.A very professional and cordial team to work with. I am a repeat customer because everyone made moving a winning experience! Everyone so far has been extremely helpful and awesome to work with. The driver was friendly, efficient and patient.

Used Allen & Coles Moving Systems – I am so impressed by the quality service they provided. Driving all the way to Ellsworth to provide an estimate and personally verifying each step of the move meant the world to me and our clients. I just got off the phone with them and they raved about the move. They are very difficult people to please and they were raving about everyone on the crew.

If you want to increase your chances of a pleasant moving experience, choose a moving company that is affiliated with a large brand. Allied Van Lines is a national company with agents all over the U.S. and Canada.

I used a pod and it was SUPER convenient. And, if you have to store anything long term, it’s cheaper and more protected then a storage unit.

Hey Liz, I hope this wasn’t you!A woman who is moving from an apartment on Washington Street thinks that the movers she hired stole some of her stuff.The 30-year-old woman, who lives on Washington Street between Eighth and Ninth streets, said she hired Elephant Van Lines to move her stuff this weekend.She said she took some small valuable items she didn’t want the movers to touch and put them in the bathroom. Sometime between when the movers started early on Friday and after they finished on Saturday, she noticed those things — a $2,500 watch, a $1,500 watch, a Tiffany ring, and other pieces of jewelry — were gone.She said there were seven people with the moving company, and that she suspects one of them took her things.The owner of Elephant Van Lines refused to comment other than to confirm that there is a police investigation into the incident. However, he did say he didn’t send seven people on that job. Police say they’re still trying to get to the bottom of it.

I LOVE having someone come and pack us up. If someone will pay for it, LET THEM. I am not sure about cost but I do know some things you need to ask if you are going to use movers. First you can figure your weight by room. Each room will weigh about 1000 lbs so when you’re calling around you can tell them the weight you are going to be moving. #1 Will they take any of you food?(Sometime they will take sealed or unopened food sometimes they won’t take anything perishable)#2 Will they take your spices? (These are so expensive to replace and you don’t want to have to transposrt them yourself.)#3 Will they repack things that you have already packed? (The packers are paid by the box and will sometimes repack stuff like Christmas boxes even if you don’t want them to. Before you hire them you need to tell them you don’t want some things repacked. Unless you don’t care.)#4 Will they bubble wrap your nice pieces of furniture? (sometimes they will sometimes they won’t but is so much less wear and tear on your stuff if they do. But you have to request this ahead of time. I also think this shows the quality of the company.)I hope this helps. Once you’ve decided I have tons of tips for when the movers show up.Good luck!

we used U-Pack (like pods). it was great. no problems, fast, well-priced. and you can store it if you aren’t ready to unpack it…i think it was like 1k for the trip and a month of storage…but not positive

Liz, my sister Jennie used a moving company the last time they moved & they highly recommend it. Moving is one of the most stressful things to deal with but the movers did everything. All you have to do is pack your boxes.

I’m a first timer here, but moved a lot growing up. My dad always got moving costs included in his new jobs, so we had moving companies a lot. We used United a few times and they did a great job. What’s nice about moving companies is that they have insurance, so if your stuff gets damaged it’s covered. They also come in and pack all of your dishes and everything, so you don’t have to worry about them smashing. They’re also extremely efficient. We moved once on our own and had a lot of help from friends in packing – and ended up with a lot of damage.

i used ABF, and it was cheaper than any other thing i researched (about 600 from sf to slc for one pod) you have to book about two weeks in advance. i used just the pod, but if you have a lot of stuff, they give you a truck and you pack the amount of space you reserved. i thought it was great. and i recommended it to rachel when she moved and she liked it as well. call me if you have questions about it.

hey western rebel, why don’t you do some research on PODS and let me know.

isn’t PODS the new thing? have no idea how much that costs…

I know I’m a stranger, but I just wanted to put in my two cents. While I have never moved more than what could fit in my car cross country, I know plenty of people who have, with varying results. Most had no problems at all, one didn’t see their stuff until a month later, another demanded additional payement beyond what was agreed upon in their contractand basically held their stuff hostage, and others who had no problems at all. With that said, I would recommend a check with the better business bureau before you commit to a company. Good luck with your move!!

I have a friend who’s moving from Pasadena, CA to Portland, OR… they’re a family of 5… the cost cheapest estimate is $6,800… that’s for packing the house and moving… and delivery to the new home… seems like a chunk of cash… but if you have kiddos or like you are prego it might be money well spent…

When we moved to NYC we used one of those “you pack it, they drive it” deals. We didn’t have any movers, it was all us. They dropped the truck off at the house in the day time and picked it up that night. So we had to have everything packed and ready to go to move into the truck. We paid about $1,500. We had 5 feet from the back of the truck to load all our stuff which included a couch, love seat and a bed. . . we had plenty of room. I think it got there about a week later. Anyway, it worked pretty well and we were satisfied.

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