Hot Tamale Train

Confession: Jared and have been loving the show “So You Think You Can Dance”.
We especially love this judge, she is so awesome:


ok that is the best clip. i laugh even harder ever time i watch it.

Love this show. Jake has even admitted some of the contemporary dances are cool (that first Mia Michaels routine with Lacey? So awesome). Some girl friends of mine from the neighborhood have started getting together on Thursday nights to watch the show and results show all in one sitting (thanks to the miracles of TiVo). The hardest part I think will be pretending I didn’t cave and already watch it the night before

You’re preachin’ to the choir, I’m seriously addicted to that show. See my blog for my fav Hey, congrats on the little lemon. If you need any recommendations for MD’s/ CNM’s I’d be happy to share. I’ve worked at LDS Hospital, Labor and Delivery as a nurse for the past 4 years and know the docs and midwives really well. Or I’m sure Celeste can give you some good advice if you deliver at the U of Utah.

I love this show & we have been missing it since we moved out of our house with tivo! she is such a freak ~ but the show is sweet!

That show is on every single night, and erin has to watch every second of it. It is lame and that judge is the worst thing on tv. Im upset you made me watch her on your blog.

erin, you really need to get josh to sit down and focus on the show when he watches it. when jared did that he confessed that he had a new found appreciation for the art form (which he didn’t really consider art before).

OMGosh. I love this show. So much. Josh doesn’t love it as much, you need to talk to him Jared and help him understand the awesomeness.

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