Guest Post – Team Hoyt

Here’s a great story of Team Hoyt, if you haven’t heard of them then get ready because they are in-freaking-credible.

This is a pretty good version of their story.

66 & 44 years old
60 marathons(25 boston)
6 ironmans

you can see other clips of them on youtube and also at


Hey, I’m a reader of your blog but first time commenting! My friend just did a Triathalon in the Boston area and the Hoyts were there. She said everytime she got tired she just thought of them and was inspired to keep going.

just watch the first 4 minutes, the second half is like a music video thinger, you don’t need to watch that part but do watch the first 4 minutes.

Rick Reilly wrote about them in Sports Illustrated a couple of years ago. The dad said that his son saved his life, because he was so out of shape and unhealthy before they started racing. They are amazing.

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