Guest Post: Jared – RED Interactive

It’s true, we’re moving to SLC.

I start working with RED Interactive Agency in Sept.
They are a super-talented group and I’m stoked to be working with them.

I’ll be bummed to give up the freedom of freelancing, which i’ve been doing for about 3 years, and bummed to leave the city, but i’m excited to work with a super strong team on some cool projects; SLC has some rad stuff going on in the interactive realm, so I’m glad to be a part of that.

RED’s office is located by the gateway mall, across the street from the homeless shelter in the ArtSpace City Center.

We’re pretty excited about it, but I think the part about the whole situation I’m most excited about is that:

1.i’m 23 minutes from office to here (the road you see in this pic[snowbird])

2.i’m 18 minutes from here:

3. and we can leave work on a friday and be here by sunset:

4. or drive a few hours north and party in the tetons:

i can’t wait!

*pics found on flickr


okay I was not so envious of your move to SLC until you posted the snowbird photo. now I am sick with envy.

By the way Jared, I started a blog but it’s super lame! I need to learn more about it.

Yeah!! We will be looking for a home there soon too! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get out of this sweltering heat!! Congrats!

sounds fun! Don’t forget that I will be only an hour away, that’s the most important part!! haha

uhm you forgot the BEST part that liz is only 30 minutes from ME!

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