Guest Post: Jared – malcolm in the middle

Okay I guess I’m a little late on this one, but I freaking love this show.
I don’t know why I never watched it when it was running, and I think it’s been in syndication for a few years now, but since we got tivo i watch it alot.

I think Reese is my favorite(top left in the pic)
I have two favorite episodes so far:

1.Reese is taking out the garbage and there are some stray dogs in the back yard; he chases them away but eventually becomes friends with them and starts hanging out with them, chasing squirrels and cats. Malcom gets mad that Reese is hanging out with a pack of dogs but Reese thinks he’s just jealous. it’s so funny.

2.Reese has to get a pen pal for school, and ends up hating his penpal so he plans to mail himself in a crate over to china so he can kick his ass. Dewey takes the crate to the post office, but ends up bringing him back to their garage and periodically makes airplane/boat noises so Reese will think he’s en route.

Anyway, I apologize to you if you ever tried to get me to watch the show and I said I didn’t like it; I didn’t know what I was talking about.


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