Guest post: Jared – Guess Jeans

So when i was in middle school i really wanted some guess jeans because they were so cool. We didn’t have money to buy guess jeans at christensen’s department store, but we did go to tijuana multiple times a year and my sister gabby was able to get a pair at the outlet(knockoff?) store there.

Gabby was a couple years older than me, so as a 7th grader i could almost wear her size.

I remember that the jeans were white, they were a little too small for my size, and they were slim-fit so they were way too small on me. I also remember the first time i wore them to school that a kid in band class who could afford guess jeans told me that the red label on guess jeans was for girls, and that the boy label was blue and green! Even though a few people like that band kid recognized me for who i was, most other kids didn’t so I was able to maintain the illusion.

I wore those skin-tight girl-cut uncomfortable easily-soiled jeans more than a couple times because of the little triangle label on the bum and the accepting nods that i received from kids i didn’t know that that triangle brought me.

I guess i’m thinking about this because we’re going to have a little boy soon and i hope that he’ll be able to be smart enough to know what’s really important and not have to go through those things that i did; or maybe i do want him to go through awkward things like that so that he can learn from them. Maybe that’s just part of growing up and part of the middle school experience.
I don’t know if that’s the best example but i’ve been thinking about things like this a lot lately. it’s a confusing stressful nervous time but it’s also an exciting happy time.


After pleading with my mother to buy me some guess jeans in 6th grade she finaly gave me a choice…five pairs of walmart specials or one pair of guess jeans. I chose one pair of black tapered guess jeans slightly big for me so that I could hopefuly wear them the next year too. They got stolen from my gym locker three days into the school year. My brothers never let me forget this story nor the fact that I had to wear the same pair of borrowed jeans everyday for the rest of the year.

wow, I remember Christensen’s being way too expensive for my family also.

Its like that awesome Office episode (the finale or pre-finale) where Michael buys a suit off the clearance rack without realizing that it is a woman’s jacket.Anyone remember when Z Cavarichi’s (sp?) were cool?

Not surprised that Gabby let her little brother wear her new, white guess jeans. Such generosity continues to serve her and us well.

My husband has a similar story…but it’s about a leather fringe jacket he “borrowed” from his cool cousin realizing later it was a girl jacket. I lucked out by having an older sister who started working and buying all the “in” clothes at age 13. Amazingly she was willing to share…but the clothes never managed to put me anywhere near cool. I totally get the kid thing though…now that I have one I’m scared of having to watch those kinds of growing pains.

Jared, funny you tell this story cuz we saw a woman at the Grand Canyon a couple weeks ago wearing some white Guess shorts. I told my husband I hadn’t seen those in a long time & my husband said “I can see why”. It was pretty funny. We had 4 girls in our family & all shared clothes so we had like 5 pair of Girbaud’s. We were hot stuff.By the way, I think I might remember those white jeans!! Haha!

that’s hilarious. I couldn’t fit into my sister’s once she outgrew them so I would rip the tag off and sew it on a pair of mine from Target. It made changing in the PE locker room a little challenging (the inside tag was not guess).

Wearing skin tight girls pants is as much a part of growing up as toilet papering and doorbell ditching. If you deny your child that experience then I feel bad for Jared, Jr.A wise woman once said “you love, you learn, you breathe you learn, you choke, you lose, you learn” and I could not agree with her more.Chia, I just met your bro Zack at the health food store, seems like a nice kid.

tkl has a story almost exactly like yours except he did try to color the red with a green marker after being ridiculed but we all saw through it and he got teased even more. he’d have been better off by sticking with his and steve wells mowed lawns all summer and pooled our money together so that we could buy more clothes and then switch our girbaud, guess, and z cavaricci jeans (plus some ray-on and hypercolor shirts) in an attempt to fool the rich kids into thinking we were one of them. the sad part of this story is that i was a sophomore in high school. and i had a bowl cut with a rat tail. most people’s experiences like this were back in 6th and 7th grade. but i soon met jared and he straightened me out somewhat and within a few months i was making fun of kids that were just like i was.

you’re not alone. i remember my older brother finding a pair of guess jeans in the woods, cutting the triangle tag off of them and sewing them on his levis. when he went to school he he soon learned red was the girl label too.

When I was in 6th grade Girbauds were cool. WE were still too poor to buy them from Christensen’s Department store so I saved up all my money and spent $60 on some shorts. (The pants were way more.) I wore them to school and everyone told me they liked my shorts.

I totally understand. I wouldn’t wear jeans without the triangle. Being a girl, I WAS clued into the color differences, though… I was also clued in to the fact that Palmetto also used the triangle on the pocket approach, but I knew the difference.Once at a Guess T-shirt sale, I picked out an enormous Tee, thinking that since they were so expensive, I wanted to have mine for a long time… So basically, the shirt went out of style before it ever came close to fitting me.

The moral of the story is that you should have colored the logo blue with a magic marker. I’m all for sewing alligators on my polo shirts (except Elizabeth, my UNSUPPORTING older sister, as opposed to Gabby for you, has refused to buy them for me).

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