Bad blogger

Sorry I haven’t been blogging. I’ve been staying at my parents due to some family stuff going on that I needed to help with. Jared has been home in Hoboken finishing up a big project for work and boiling his water before using it. Thursday I leave for Utah so I can’t promise much for a few weeks. When I return in August hopefully I’ll have a picture of a house (if we find one) and maybe even a little belly on me to show you. If the stars are aligned, possibly an announcement of the baby’s sex. I can’t wait for all three of these things!
Until then, happy summer!!!


You truly look lovely… when I was prego… I got asked from month 6 on… when my twins were due… and there was only one in the oven… 🙂 … people say dumb things… my baby was born 3 days after his due date… hang in… enjoy the time before it’s arrival

I like those stairs. What a smart idea! And the uniform is super cute.Ick- porno at the library. In HS I would go to the giant local library to do research and I remember people going there specifically to look at porn. : (

right now we have zero computers. but hopefully by this weekend we’ll be all fixed up again

Don’t you guys have like 4 computers?You look cute and I’m glad your baby won’t be sleeping in a drawer.

Hurray for stairs on the inside:) By the way, Matt told me how you and Jared 4 wheeled across our construction sight. So funny:)

Liz Stanley fightin’ crime!!The stairs look so good and what a beautiful bassinet.

great to see you guys last weekend! hope you guys find a house fast….. let’s hang before you move back west… love to jared

Liz freakin’ “used to be ricks”. How are you? this is Amber (formerly englund) what’s up? you are pregnant!!??!!! That’s awesome. Congrats. You can see my kid on our blog at've come a long long way 🙂

my ultrasound date is any day next week that we want to go those fetal studios in the malls in utah (otherwise my official one isn’t until we get back the second week in august)

Liz, hope everything is OK on the family homefront. Am excited for you to be in Utah. I really hope you like it here.

I stumbled upon your blogsite last night. Lots of changes since we left JC 2nd ward last year. Congratulations on all of them!

My ultrasound date is July 30… Less than two weeks away…

I can’t wait for a belly photo. Liz, I also can’t wait to meet you. In a wierd way, I feel like I already know you. You need to got to the Children’s Hour in SLC. I loved that store when I lived there!

O man! I’m gonna have to wait… how long?… I can’t hardly handle the suspence of it all… may you be filled with more patience than I … 🙂

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