A bitter sweet blogiversary

One year ago today I started this blog. Isn’t that crazy? I can’t believe I’ve managed to talk about nothing for an entire year and still have more to talk about. My posts haven’t really changed much which I guess shows a real lack of growth. It’s like cooking the same meal for a year and it still not improving (which I think I also do). However, I’ve really enjoyed having a platform to talk about myself (who doesn’t?) and more importantly feeling connected to people that are miles and miles away.

Why bitter sweet you ask? Well, that brings me so some EXCITING NEWS:

Jared is taking a job in Salt Lake City and we’ll be moved out west by the end of the summer. I’m 2 parts really excited and 1 part sad and scared to take on a whole new life when our life is already changing so drastically with this little peanut (now the size of a lemon) growing inside of me. Today I gave my letter of resignation to the Principal (which was awkward, since just last week I had given him my maternity leave request). It feels real now. We’re probably flying out soon to look for a home.
say YES to hoboken! will have to take on a new life entirely far away from everything we’ve known here. By a whole new life, I mean of course a new name (which changes everything, doesn’t it?).

So as part of this blogiversary celebration I am opening up the blog polls for name suggestions for the formerly known as say YES to hoboken blog. The winner will receive a warm fuzzy and some homemade bird stationery.

Salt Lake City, Utah, here we come!


My condolences, Liz. It appears we are in similare circumstances. And our recent blog postings are errily similar.Anyhoo, I like the original name too.

Keep the name. Look at my blog. Hardly fits most of the time, but there’s 5 years of history in the name now.

hey liz, it’s liz again….steve and i just bought a house in slc and will be moving up there august 1st or so….we should get together once we’re all settled! congrats on the pregnancy as well! babies are the best (after the first little while!)…nash is now 7 months and i am IN LOVE with him…so fun and happy! anyway, let’s get together.

I love “say yes! to hoboken.” I think it says more about you than the actual place. And that way, you can take a little NJ/NY with you when you pack up and head west.If you want to be real friends when you get here, I’m happy to do so.Cheers to you!

jared,let me ask you a few questions.1. do you want to make more money AND be your own boss?2. do you have some friends and/or family?if you answered yes to question number 2 then today is your lucky day. i want you in on the ground floor of an exciting new busines! i am talking about the unstoppable combination of antioxidants and new internet laser technology!!!!

1. my suggestion would be liz’s thoughtzz. 2. “no, seriously, i KNOW they’re funny-looking but they are SO comfortable. actually they’re kind of cool-looking. but seriously, they are SO comfortable.”-every ‘crocs’ owner ever 3.Liz and I are excited to move, if anyone knows any network marketing opportunities that we could get in on the ground level, please let us know!

i say it’s okay to keep it the same- you can be a supporter of hoboken and live somewhere else!

How about – “Utah – where all of your wildest dreams come true (so long as they involve words like “pop”, “twinners” and 5 layer jell-o)”. Or maybe you can use Jared’s idea – “Living in Salt Lake City – just one step closer to living in Provo” GO COUGS!!!!

those are way cute ideas marta, those are my votes!

say yes to the westortoo hip for hobokenor love it up / live it upor baby’s coming, we’re bustin outhappy blogiversary to you.

is that a rice krispy and Trix birthday cake? Awesome. My kids would love that.

no brooke, be honest, the next step is you moving out here too.

I don’t have a name suggestion but I am SOOOO happy that you will be so much closer to CA! Maybe the OC can be your next step! Whoo hoo!

You guys are lame for moving. But when considering a name for your blog, you should know that in Utah names with 2 z’s are cool. Maybe “blog lizz” or “liz’s blogzz” or something like that.

I’m sorta jealous. Not that I particularly want to live in Utah (not that I don’t want to live there either), but living close to friends and family (most of whom live there) sounds like a good time. That was rather jumbled, but congrats and good luck.

Liz,Melissa Fowler here. (Anne House’s daughter). She told me about your super cute blog. I’ve had fun browsing. As one, who haslived in SLC for the past 4 years(and UT for the last 11 years) I can say this. For your blog title, how about “Welcome to Utah; set your clocks back 10 years”. Or maybe soemthing with the word “Utard” in it. Just playin’, I love Utah, its even funner to make fun of.

I’m so excited for your guys, but I am going to miss having you close. say YES! to Utah (daybreak, salt lake, tooele, etc . . .)

Very exciting! I hope Jordan & Paul join you … you can borrow my crocs Jordy!

Hooray for a big change!! I LOVE SLC and I love a new house and I love a new ward and new neighbors and a new adventure. I am so excited for you both!As for the name, I am with my mom i would keep it. However if I were to suggest a name I would need to know the origin of the “say YES! to hoboken”.

i say keep part of it, change part of it, part of where you are now, part of where you were because you are both (thus my name western–where i am now and rebel–my southern roots)

Well, first of all, congrats on one year of blogging. Secondly, although I’m thrilled that you’re coming west, I feel for you at saying good-bye to so much. As far as a name, why not keep it? Even transplanted, it’s who you are. (Does this mean we have to give up the red chair?)

Congratulations you guys. I’m sending your crocs in the the mail today.

yay Liz! That is so exciting. Now I’ll have no excuse not to visit you and Celeste in Salt Lake! I’m sure Mema is ecstatic, too. Now she’ll be able to start holding those family dinners again! ahaha

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