A big move might, I said might, be on the horizon for jared and I and we found an awesome real estate search site called Trulia that you need to check out. It’s of course affiliated with google (what’s cool these days that’s not). It has a google map picture showing its exact location and also the location of each of the other homes in your price range and lots of other cool stuff like chats with neighborhood members, local market information, and searching for similar homes to the one you like.
Anyway, it’s super sweet.
Check out this little beauty here (it’s gone down in price since jordan blogged about it here)


When you live in New York (or Hoboken) it only takes about five seconds of real estate investigation in Utah to make you want to pack your bags. Did you know that people also have cars and supermarkets there???

Yeah! I don’t even want to hope about you moving. I might work myself up into an excited frenzy.

what’s up erica!? are you in saint george? send an update! jared @

Hey Liz. I’m Ashlynn’s sister. Tell Jared hi. You should buy it then we can hang when we move back to SLC too. I’ve never met you & I’d like to!

WOW, wait- isn’t that a home in the avenues? are you moving to Salt Lake? i don’t like this ‘might’ business

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