sushi secrets

It makes me a little uncomfortable to think that one of the first people to know I was pregnant was not a friend, family member or doctor, but a little japanese lady who was working the counter at a sushi restaurant a couple days after my positive pregnancy test. After winking at me and then whispering as I walked out with my take out “good luck with the baby” when I said “I need those shrimp tempura and california rolls cooked, please”, I began to think that these cute japanese ladies might possibly be going into the sushi business for the SOLE PURPOSE of knowing other people’s personal business. Although part of me can’t blame her. If I were old and didn’t have blogging or family members to keep my life busy I can see myself enjoying knowing exciting secrets about people’s reproductive lives before anyone else does.


My dentist (who is actually a friend of ours) first knew I was pregnant with my third….because I couldn’t get the ex rays. Those are the perks for jobs like that, right?

Congrats Liz and Jared! I hope that you aren’t feeling too terrible. Enjoy that time off during the summer. Hooray for cousins the same age!!!

Cute story. I wonder how many girls she has come through her place asking for cooked seafood.

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