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I’ve looking into purchasing a sewing machine. This will be my first so I’m not quite sure what to look for. I want something that lasts so I’m not afraid to pay the price. I’ve noticed online that anything more than $100 means LCD computerized screens or 100+ stitch options which just seem like not something I’ll end up needing. I’d just like a basic one that is durable and not too big or heavy. The one above here is one I’m looking at which is only $85 on (and only $2.50 shipping). Most of the ones on overstock, including this one, is ‘factory reconstructed’ which makes me a little nervous. This one has gotten really good reviews though and I like the storage underneath. But the question is… will is last? Any recommendations from all you marthas out there?


I have a low end Singer from Target… it works well… and after reading the manual… it’s really easy to work with… think it was $179ish…

got linked to your blog through “miggy”… nice to see you! my first machine was a Brother that i got at a pawn shop in college- it was a good little machine to learn on and i was able to teach myself basics like stitching, buttonholes etc. i just recently upgraded to a really fabulous machine, which is also a Brother… i have been happy with them… it’s a great investment and sewing is actually quite fun and very satisfying. congrats on your pregnancy as well! that’s really exciting…~kendra (portlock)

I went ahead and bought this brother model that was pictured. Although I want to get a really good one, I think rachel is right about making sure this is something I’ll use before I invest in something super expensive.

I’m in the same position as you… I researched and talked with sewing friends… came home with a quailty machine for $200, they have a model for $170, huskystar by Husqvarna Viking. I know it will last… didn’t want the computer either. I am LOVING it. I’ve only had it a month but am definately happy with my purchase.good luck! Hope that helps =)

Once you find a good one, clue me in. I see a sewing machine in my future too.

I think going to any of the better name brands and buying their “starter” machine is OK. Every woman needs a sewing machine so this should be fun.

i’m married to someone that’s mom is someone who could hook you up with a good deal on a pfaff(the best). but it would maybe include some schmoozing from jared(the icecream scammer).

I have a QVC # from Europro – it is simple enough, but nice enough to keep forever too!

I think you should get something under $100 and then when you prove to yourself that you will like it and use buy a better one. I think the one is great. this is smart. What are you going to sew?

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