Photo booth at Coney Island

(picture from flickr)

I love photo booths and I love Coney Island. Below are some pictures we took at Coney Island last Saturday when we went to the Mermaid Parade, the beach, the world’s only swinging ferris wheel and of course the original Nathans (which still is as busy as that picture link). Coney Island is one of my favorite and most bizarre parts of New York. Jared took a bunch of pictures but he’s been jet setting around we haven’t uploaded them yet.


my favorite is the third from the top…such classic Liz/Jared faces!

I love the Mermaid Parade! It is so wierd and bizarre. How were the “floats.” Were there lots of mermaids (bikini clad ladies wearing only pasties on top)?

hahaha. I am uploading our pictures from the Alameda County Fair to Flickr as I write this.

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