My Etsy shop

So I went for it and set up an Etsy shop! Right now I’m just selling these bird cards I made on the gocco screen printer but in the next couple of days I’ll also post some clutch purses I’ve been working on like this one below. You can visit my Etsy shop here.


love your cards. I’ve been goo goo over all things gocco in the past few days. (check my blog…) where did you pick up your machine?what other projects have you done with it?buff

LIZZZ!!!I love the birds. So adorable. And I want THAT bag!!That exact one. How much? I want it. kel

No way, Liz! I’m so stoked. Can’t wait to check out the shop, especially cuz I’ve got a thing for coinpurses. And birds. And things made by you.

confession: i read your blog all the time, and i don’t think i’ve ever posted a comment. but i had to comment on both of your creations—love them! heart, wendy christian (Gabby’s friend)

Liz,So pleased to see you’ve put your works up. Best of luck, they look great.

wow, Liz, that purse is beautiful!! is the outside made from that skirt you found at the thrift store?

I love those cards and that purse is so adorable, I’m so impressed!

I may just have to purchase some of your cute cars – I packed all mine for the summer! Plus mine are not as cute! Let us know when you post the purses.

I love the clutch purse. Where did you get the bird design from? It is so cool. You are very talented.

So awesome liz! I hate bird but I love those cards. I have an etsy shop too, I suppose I should list my stuff there, huh?You’re so crafty now you should move to Utah.

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