My daughter deserves to pass

Now’s the time of year at my work when otherwise moderately level headed parents lose it completely. Here is an email I received last week that is an example of such nuttiness:
” Please ensure my daughter does not receive less than a D on any of her final exams. She has been studying very hard and deserves to pass.”

What is this, 2nd grade? The real shocking part is that the mother is an educator at another school.
I simply didn’t respond, but Jared reminded me of a great line that his father, who was an educator, told a parent once who tried to change a grade:
“Sure, while we’re at it, what should I put down as her grade for next year?”


Someone told that story at Dad’s funeral, I always wondered if that mother was there and if she recognised herself.

That woman is not helping her child though she might think she is. Jared, I remember your dad gave me a bad grade cuz he caught me playing Pole Position in class! I cried because I never got bad grades:(

my dad tells his slacker students, “we need someone to flip our burgers.” not all the parents like that one.

Helicopter parents, it’s an epidemic. Hang in there, sister!

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