High School Musical TONIGHT!

If you remember, my little sister is starring in her senior class play of ‘High School Musical’ (blogged about here). The opening night is tonight and I’m SOOOO excited!!!! My grandmother flew out from Utah, my brother and his girlfriend flew out also from Utah and I have aunts travelling from D.C. and Boston. It’s going to be such a party this weekend. I can’t wait to see my little sister strut her stuff on stage and muster up the courage for an *onstage kiss!!! (woo hoo!!)

(she’s clearly been practicing)

Yeah for Becca!! The Disney channel is doing a little short segment on her high school putting on the play so keep your eyes peeled for our little celebrity!

*unconfirmed, but seems likely based on her blushed face when questioned


becca i’ve been with you all weekend, why don’t you just come in here and ask me

ha ha ha very funny, Liz. Where did you get those chains for the sister necklaces?

I bet it was a smashing success. Hooray for the Ricks family!

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