Devon in Kenya

(Devon, surrounded my Somalian refugees in Kenya)

My very good friend, Devon (who I blogged about here) is always doing the most interesting things. This summer she is working in Dadaab, Kenya at a refugee camp for the UN. She just started a blog and it is so incredibly interesting to read. Her job is to interview Somalian refugees to determine if the UN should allow them to come to the US. I love reading about her daily life and I love the pictures. What an amazing experience, it certainly makes my summer seem dull and meaningless.
You can visit her blog here.


Wish I was in SF to hang with you and Devon!! Hope you had a great time.

Wish I was in SF to hang with you and Devon!! Hope you had a great time.

Sounds so amazing! I agree it is amazing to see what we accomplish in our 30s. Love your blog Liz

sounds amazing! i randomly try to convince my husband to move somewhere far far away and be missionaries. somehow he is never convinced. maybe when the kids grow up?

hah awesome! I know Devon too, I love hearing her stories.

I have 'visiting Africa' on my list of things to do before I die (hopefully when I am still young enough to walk at a decent pace). I bet she has some amazing, life altering stories. Very cool. I remember turning 30, I still don't feel it though. 😉

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Liz! You are so nice to have included me as an interesting friend even though I am the worst friend ever who keeps taking off to random places and not keeping in touch. I’m always reading your blog and you were my inspiration for keeping up with it everyday. I can’t believe you included me. Thanks, have a great summer and keep reading my blog. I have no friends and no one to read it.

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