Becca’s play

My sister Becca was just amazing, debuting onstage as Gabriella in “High School Musical”. She has a fantastic voice and looked just adorable on stage. Here are a couple pictures and vidoes.

Friday night. From left to right: sister Katrina, Lauren (Christian’s fiance), brother Christian, Becca, Jared, Mom, Me, cousin Jessica
Second night: Becca, Me, cousin Kellin, Katrina

I took a few silent videos of Becca’s play.
The one below is her sexy onstage kiss, as promised (it’s a little fuzzy at first, sorry). She’s in the red dress and headband.

Below are two more links for videos if you’re interested:

Grand Finale dance (becca’s front and center in the cute red dress)

Flying and Soaring duet (sorry, no sound, but check out those moves)


The kiss seemed a little short . . . Becca, I think you need to rehearse that one a little more 🙂

So cute!! Congratulations!! I must say I am glad that my one and only onstage kiss was not filmed and then broadcast nationally by my big sister.

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