100 things you may not know about me

100 things you may not know about me

Jared went to Puerto Rico this weekend. I couldn’t go 🙁
I had some free time while he was gone so I made this list, inspired by Amy. (it was actually really fun):

1. I’m uncomfortable around dogs
2. My favorite book growing up was “Matilda”.
3. When I was young, I always came home from school with dirt and grass stains on my clothes and skinned knees.
4. I wore a lot of Guess sweat pant suits in elementary school and middle school that my father brought back from business trips to China.
5. I get anxious about being late to a movie and having to sit in the front row
6. I get anxious about being late in general.
7. I can’t whistle.
8. I recently learned how to blow a bubble with gum
9. I danced ballet for about 10 years.
10. My older sister and I used to performed dance routines in my parents’ bedroom. She always gave me the less than desirable part (aka ‘Fritz’ in the Nutcracker)
11. I think mountains are the most beautiful places on earth.
12. My family grew up watching exclusively old movies and musicals.
13. The first kind of music I got into was musical soundtracks.
14. The first rock CD I bought was Counting Crows “August and Everything After”
15. I played lacrosse in high school and ran track. I was given a district ‘Lifetime Physical Fitness’ award by the Athletic dept as a senior but was always confused about it since I wasn’t amazing at either of those sports.
16. My 22 year old brother has testicular cancer.
17. My father is a very competitive runner, my 25 yr. old brother is a very competitive biker and my older sister used to be a very competitive dancer.
18. The rest of my family is just plain competitive- mostly at board games and sports.
19. My husband Jared is the most inspiring person I know. He’s also one of the funniest.
20. Jared and I were the first marriage to be performed in the new mormon temple in Manhattan (there had been a couple sealings, but not marriages).
21. I’m pretty low maintenance with hair and makeup and household what not…..with the exception of clothes.
22. I tend to get fixated on certain foods.
23. I also tend to get fixated on music. I’ve been listening to the same three cds since this summer: Pinback, Zero 7 and Sufjan Stevens.
24. I’m not creative but I love finding a new creative outlet like photography and art.
25. My favorite tv show is “Planet Earth”. It is beautiful beyond belief.
26. The first bra I wore was bought at a thrift store.
27. I love red meat. I could eat it all day long, every day.
28. My hair used to be really curly up until about 5 years ago when is slowly started straightening out. Now it’s only a little wavy but I haven’t needed my flat iron out in a couple years.
29. Growing up, I was always the crazy one with crazy hair. I was really silly and immature.
30. I do not like olives. Gross.
31. I am a high school counselor but 9th grade boys really annoy me.
32. I like being active: running, biking, whatever.
33. My family still lives within a couple miles of the hospital where I was born in a suburb of NY
34. I grew up doing a lot of snow skiing on very icy east coast hills.
35. My father used to be a very competitive skier (before becoming a very competitive runner).
36. Brooke Shields once asked me for directions on the streets of New York.
37. I went to BYU and majored in secondary education because I grew up loving teaching.
38. I was awful at math in elementary school but by high school it was one of my best subjects.
39. My first job was working at Abercrombie the summer after I graduated HS.
40. I went to BYU on a half academic scholarship.
41. Everyone in my family has a good singing voice.
42. I think I could be happy living anywhere
43. I’ve never been hospitalized for any reason
44. I am generally a happy person. I’m especially happy if Jared is happy.
45. I love songs I can sing along to
46. I used to be pretty good at playing “Blackbird” on the guitar
47. I can do a lot of things pretty well but I’m not really good at anything in particular. This used to bother me but now I think it just makes me well rounded.
48. I was the lead in my senior class play like my sister Becca. It was my first and only stage experience.
49. I used to be the funny one in the family, until my husband joined. Now I’m the silly one and he’s the funny one. Jared thinks I’m still the funny one.
50. I have a reputation in my extended family of doing really good imitations of my cute grandmother. I am asked to perform these at every family gathering.
51. I am fascinated by meteorology and geology. Always have been.
52. Jared and I are both really laid back about some things and really particular about others. Luckily none of the particular areas conflict.
53. Jared and I are both laid back about finances and housework.
54. The first concert I went to was blues traveler, New Years Eve in Manhattan, sophomore year of high school.
55. I can’t wear both earrings and a necklace at the same time. Too much jewelry.
56. My favorite movie is “You’ve Got Mail”
57. I am a bargain shopper
58. I have three siblings with really light blonde hair, and two siblings with light brown hair. I’m somewhere in the middle.
59. I’ve only gotten a manicure twice. For my high school prom and wedding.
60. I love McDonalds chicken nuggets
61. I’ve never had a Big Mac or Whopper
62. I played lacrosse in high school and for the club team at BYU
63. I can do a flip on a trampoline but I’ve never been able to do a front hand spring.
64. I love camping and backpacking
65. I’m not sure if I like my job
66. I love boxed Kraft mac and cheese
67. The first time I traveled outside of the country was when I went to Mexico with my dad and older sister when I was 14. I got sick.
68. Jared was my 6th boyfriend. My first was freshmen year at BYU.
69. I used to get really sick and throw up when my family went to all you can eat restaurants because I tried to eat everything.
70. I can eat a lot of food which is a little surprising to people because I’m thin
71. My two best friends from college and I email multiple times every day.
72. I can type and text message really fast
73. I once dyed my hair Gwen Stefani plantium blonde. It only lasted for a few days.
74. I love Mexican food
75. I’ve never been stung by a bee but I’m terrified of it
76. I had a nose ring a few years ago for a couple months. It looked silly on me.
77. I talk a lot.
78. I’ve seen the following celebrities on the streets of New York: Justin Timerberlake (got a picture with him), Cameron Diaz, Brooke Shields, Colin Farrell, Paula Abdul, Sharon Stone, John Lithgow, Heather Graham, Kobe Bryant (on a plane).
79. My mother planned my entire wedding because it seemed too stressful. I requested only a chocolate fountain and wore my older sister’s wedding dress.
80. I drove a blue aerostar van in high school.
81. I drove a white toyota tercel in college. I ruined the engine by never getting an oil change (whoops).
82. When I was a teenie booper I loved the movie “Troop Beverly Hills” with Shelley Long. I can still recite every line.
83. In middle school I insisted my teachers call me Elizabeth instead of Liz. It took me a long time to get used to being called Liz.
84. It still bothers me when my parents call me Liz instead of Elizabeth.
85. I am the namesake of my mother, my grandmother, and my great-great grandmother.
86. I used to stutter a lot growing up. I still do sometimes.
87. I do not like working in groups unless I’m in charge
88. I am very trusting of people.
89. I am very thorough in planning things out
90. I talk to small dogs like they are babies
91. Peonies are my favorite flower.
92. I went to Columbia University to get dual masters in Education and Counseling Psychology.
93. It only takes me about 25 minutes to get up and out the door in the morning. Shower included.
94. I like being busy. I hate being bored
95. Growing up I would much rather play outside than read a book or watch a movie
96. I was kind of mischievous growing up. In elementary school, one my teachers used to send me home every day with a picture of smilie face or a frownie face to show my parents how I did that day.
97. I won “Coach of the Year” by the Utah Lacrosse Association when I coached the Orem team in college
98. I like nuts, but not as an ice cream topping or in baked goods.
99. I’m the shortest in my family at 5’4
100. I don’t like action movies


lets see you forgot to mention a couple things: you’re a really good cook. that counts for two.

ahh freshman year. that’s got to be some good footage, joe, let’s get it out in public.

I’ve never felt comfortable calling you Liz- you insisted on Elizabeth after our nursery school class tried to call you Liz : )

really? abercrombie was after freshmen year of college? wierd. i thought i remembered it after high school. and yeah, no WAY i’ll let you post your own list. because i know your whole purpose would be to embarrass me

Well, that was really fun to read! I’m surprised to say that I didn’t know a lot of it!

hi liz – it’s julia – checking out YOUR blog now! of course i remember you and our small stint at being roommates. congrats on your new baby!! i’m a couple steps behind you. it’s so fun to check out other people’s blogs….it’s such a distraction from you know..people who do real stuff…

Don’t pretend that Abercrombie job was after High School, we all know it was after your first year of college! I totally remember every detail for some reason about you applying and the totally racist “group interview” you were a part of! Oh and no kidding about getting fixated on music, someone ask Michelle if she can ever listen to Indigo Girls “Power of Two” again! ha! That was a fun list! I would like to be a part of the “things you don’t know about liz” list for the next post. Can I be a guest blogger!? I promise to say at least 50% nice things.

Should I be calling you Elizabeth instead of Liz???Oh, and my first bra was named “My First Bra” and I only wore it because it was time to start changing in gym class.

lowdogg this is the husband – PLEASE PLEASE post on youtube or send to my email jared @ jaredstanley . comi can’t wait to see it!

Didn’t read the whole list, but speaking of your first boyfriend. I converted some old tapes to DVD from Freshman year. I hadn’t watched them in about 7 years. Sure enough, some excellent footage of you and ol Brady in Nampa. Nothing you’d be afraid to show the hubby though.Also the time we ran into you, Michelle, Brooke, & Misty in Las Vegas. That was a blast to the past.I lost touch with Brady a while ago. Wonder what he’s up to.

oo ooo ooo! can i make a list of 100 things you may not know about Liz?!!!

Yay! Lists are fun. . . I think that’s awesome that you would get sent home with either a smiley or a frowny face to indicate how good you were that day. Brilliant.

Also we have #11 in common. But definitely not #30. I love olives.

I LOVE this list. I feel like I just had a nice, long talk with you.Love.

I am glad to know you a bit more – although I am pretty sure we have never met yet! I am glad the Stanley’s have a cool girl to add to the family. That photo is very cute

ditto on #21 and 52.i don’t think anyone has been bitten by a bee:)

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