The glamorous

My friend Kendra who is a style editor for Blueprint magazine is the glamorous model in this picture above for an article in the most recent edition. I feel famous just KNOWING her and on top of all that famous stuff, she has a cute newborn girl named stella lou that is one week old. Doesn’t get much better than that.
Every time I read the magazine I look for evidence of Kendra and I always find it. It’s not always a full on model shoot but sometimes it’s things like her wedding picture on the desk below. I have to admit I like looking for evidence of her more than the actual magazine (shhhhh don’t tell). Doesn’t working for a hip magazine seem so glamorous?

PS Love that plexiglass double desk, Kendra. That was your brillant idea, huh. Knew it. Even more brilliant was putting your wedding picture up there for me to notice.

Yes, yes of course I’ll paint the door of my Hamptons house yellow. I wouldn’t consider any other color.


you are my biggest fan (or stalker!? even my family didn;t notice the wedding pic). your new name is eagle eye stanley!

You know a famous person?! I’m bedazzled. (Though not with a Bedazzler.)

Was that picture of her before or after the baby? Please tell me before.

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