Sister lockets part II

(from left to right Rebecca, Celeste, Me, Katrina)

Remember when I made sister lockets for my three sisters? Here we are wearing them when Celeste came to visit a couple weeks ago. Yes, wind always follows us where we go to make our hair look glamorous. Katrina’s idea for the locket was a picture of the sisters on one side and a picture of our ‘love’ on the other. I’m still trying to figure out who 15 yr old Katrina’s love might be…..


These turned out so amazingly cute! I love them. And I want. (Your flowing hair and a necklace of my own.) 🙂

to tell you the truth i wouldn’t know who my ‘love’ would be eitherand definitely not mom’s hair(spencer)

well yeah, freshmen year was almost TEN years ago, and she would have been about 4

you guys are toooo cute! and i swear you had “current” family photos displayed in your dorm room with trina as like 3 when i met you. we are so old.

oh yes, trina as a baby and evena young kid did have a little obsession with running her hand through mom’s hair. it was kind of her security blankey.

The following pictures will be placed on the backside of the lockets:Celeste > MattLiz > JaredBecca > Homemade HandbagsTrina > Mom’s hair

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