Sassy Meatloaf

Sassy meatloaf. That’s what they were serving today at the school I work at. Cafeteria food at a high school is gross enough, why do they have to make it grosser by calling it weird names? Last week they served ‘chicken nuggets with real chicken’. Now, wait a second. You serve chicken nuggets virtually every day. The fact that you are pointing out that’s it’s real this time makes me incredibly nervous. How difficult is it to serve sandwiches and salads instead of sassy meatloaf and fake chicken nuggets?
And what about these poor kids’ health? I have a message from a parent today who wants me to talk to her daughter about her eating habits. She is concerned she is eating too much junk food in the school cafeteria. My first instinct, which I often try to repress unless they ask, was to give parenting advice: stop giving her money for food and have her bring a bag lunch. But I stopped myself thinking some of these parents work two jobs and don’t have time to make lunch for their kids (heaven forbid the kid should have to make a lunch herself). The mother actually suggested I observe her daughter eating and report back to her. Do I look like a detective? Sassy meatloaf. That’s what she’s eating. But I can’t guarantee there’s any meat in it.


I am going to put this in our school’s suggestion box! “Please start giving the nasty cafeteria food exciting names!” I could only imagine what our lunch ladies might come up with for some of the nasty stuff they serve over there. The thing that is crazy are the TEACHERS who eat it every day! I mean I can’t really count on a teenager to have a refined palate but a teacher!? My favorite thing to gag at the sight of from our cafeteria are the chili dogs that come in pre-packaged plastic bags! They just heat the whole thing up, chili, bun and all! Now THAT could use a sassy name.

seriously…. casually throwing a few pieces of broccoli onto her tray of french fries and fake chicken nuggets as she walks by…

This cracked me up! Liz, I can just picture you in fake glasses and a moustache slinking around the cafeteria to make sure this girl doesn’t gain any more weight…hehe, it’s a good visual.

mmmmmm… I could go for some meatloaf right now… sassy meatloaf…

okay this might be the pregnancy talking, but that looks soooo good to me right now. I would start by dipping the fries into the special meat sauce and then move on to the noodles. mmmmmmmmmmmmcan i steal this photo for my craving section of my blog? oh, and I would totally skip the orange. 😉

Guilty pleasure: My mother’s meatloaf. I make it sometimes. You couldn’t pay me ENOUGH to consume cafeteria Meatloaf, even if it is sassy.But yes, what on earth does this parent think that a HS counselor’s domain goes into the lunch room?

I’ve never had a meatloaf talk back to me. I hope I never come across one.

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