Pretty spots

This is the only part of my desk at work I will show you. The rest is very messy and contains piles of papers that need to be filed (which I should be doing right now).
I like having a ‘pretty spot’ amidst all the chaos. It gives the impression of cleanliness and sanity (however false that impression may be). Now I need to find a ‘pretty spot’ at home….

(letterpress calender from Etsy)


What lovely flowers…they totally tricked me. And a great idea to have a nice little spot on your desk just for you!

My peonies just blossomed in my backyard yesterday. They’re magenta.

oh peonies! i’m waiting for them to show up at whole foods so i can get some!

I love your peonies, fake or not. They’re so feminine, so perfectly pink.

I’m inspired. I need to “glam” up my desk at work! Too many calculators and papers and staplers for my taste!

no those are fake from target. i love peonies though. the fake ones are pretty decent

Man, that is a pretty spot. My desk doesn’t have a pretty spot. I should probably work on that if I ever desire to achieve said sanity.Are those peonies? Do you pick a fresh bunch weekly? They’re quite charming.

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