Paris and I in Jail

Apparently when you get a traffic ticket you’re supposed to pay it. There has been a pile of mail sitting in our house that has been unopened for a couple weeks now (thanks, mom, I know….). I decided to open some today and found a letter stating that there is a warrant out for my arrest and that I have to go post bail ‘to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of your pending arrest’ (which would be awkward to happen at work).
Wait, if I go to jail is that a legitimate ‘excused’ abscence with pay from work?
Although I probably wouldn’t be able to watch the LOST season finale tonight!
Wait, what am I talking about- isn’t that all they do in jail? Watch tv and hang out with celebrities. Sign me up!


I hope the lack of post today doesn’t indicate that they tracked you down…

that’s awesome! there’s a warrant out for my arrest in utah for an unpaid ticket i got two years ago! yikes!

Can we send you cookies and things when you’re in the brig?

i figure i could still do some decent counseling behind bars…..”are you SURE you want to cut class?”

Martha is hotter than ever after her little stint… It can’t be ALL bad.

I love that parking and traffic tickets are a regular part of our monthly budget in New York. Good luck on getting out of jail. I’ll sign a petition in your behalf it you want.

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