Kayaking on the Delaware

Saturday we had an awesome time kayaking on the Delaware River. It flows down through NY and PA and then turns down south and acts as the natural division between NJ and PA all the way to the Atlantic. It was about a 2 hours from Hoboken and a pretty drive through rolling hills and quaint little towns. The delaware was really low, but that made for some fun little rapids and nice warm water to swim in, which is unusual this time of year. It was a fun day. Below are a couple pictures I took on my phone.

Above is a view of the delaware river from our scenic drive to the kayaking base. You can see a bunch of floaters and kayakers if you look closely. The section we kayaked was called 10 mile river, but only about 8 miles long.

We found a nice little beach to stop for the lunch we packed, a nap and some swimming. The day started out a little cloudy but the sun came out just in time for the afternoon trip.

Here I am tearing it up on the Delaware.


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