Harvard article

Interesting article about Harvard admissions here.
Written by a Harvard alum and interviewer.
I like how he compares the kids that got into Harvard 30 years ago to the ones that aren’t getting in now (summer jobs of selling hot dogs vs. cutting-edge NASA research). I also love the end.


Liz, I love that you keep me updated on the latest from the admissions world–something I would know nothing about, otherwise and now feel a little more comfortable joining conversations on the matter.This article is a gem.

Between our very long conversation that afternoon, this article and the blog you posted about admissions, Paul and I have really changed where our efforts are going with our kids. Our kids are so great, we want to push them the way some of the parents in the article push their kids but the end state we really want is just happy healthy mormon kids.Where is the line? How hard do you push? Until they break or get into Harvard? How important is BYU? What if we know they can do better? Are they going to be sad that we didn’t push them harder? Is there some way I can blame someone else if they turn out to be a burden to society? I want answers Liz!

it’s my favorite article of the admissions season so far.

Really interesting, Liz. I talked to a local HS principal about grade inflation and he said the kids really ARE good kids. Also, if teachers give more stringent grades, they make their students completely non-competitive.

Great article. A mom I know through school told me she wanted more kids (she has two) but they couldn’t afford it (they both work white collar jobs) and then asked me in an embarrassed voice, How are you going to pay for college for all your kids? and I realized they weren’t having more kids because they couldn’t afford to send them all to ivy league schools. What a different perspective.

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