Delaware Water Gap

Tonight Jared is going with the boys at our church on a father- son camp out at the Delaware Water Gap (pictured above) which is a really gorgeous national recreational area straddling PA and NJ about an hour away. The weather looks like it will be perfect. There will be about 7 young men with one father, Jared, and the bishop with his 2 year old son. Last night we went grocery shopping to get all of the food for tin foil dinners tonight (and smores/tin foil bananas). Although I’m not invited to go it made me really excited for camping this spring and summer. I requested an extra tin foil dinner so I could make one for myself for dinner tonight in the oven (mmmmm). I’m hoping we’ll be able to go camping a lot and explore this area more. It’s really gorgeous. They are also famous for their tubing on the delaware river and floating hot dog stands (NY meeting up with the great outdoors).


i have some fun memories of floating down the delaware. (i always wanted the waterproof wallet holder that you put around your neck) i hope you try it out and like it. (wear water shoes!)

A few years ago, Matt and I accompanied the youth from the Manhattan stake on a canoe ride down the Delaware. It was hilarious; you should have seen those city kids, with their life vests on, freaking out about being in foot-high water.

Steve and Ike are at Fathers and Sons too. They went up to Pine Valley. However, I don’t think there are any floating hotdog stands there.

Classic! That’s how New Yorkers enjoy the great outdoors – with a floating hot dog stand. Do they have a floating pretzel ship and any floating hobos to complete the picture?

I love this place so so much, I want to go back. Last time I went, it was majorly flooded and all the fun stuff was closed. Boo.

That would be so sweet. Floating hot dog stands. Smart. very smart.

oh yeah, floating hot dog stands! buffy will be so sad she’s not here this summer…

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