Sister lockets

I’ve been wanting a long necklace with a locket for a while but they are all either too expensive or too cheap looking. Once again, Etsy came to the rescue.
A couple weeks ago I saw these lockets on etsy and couldn’t resist buying them (four lockets for $5). I also bought a roll of antique gold plated chain on etsy (for $6)-enough for four necklaces as well, and some clasps and pliers from Michaels ($6) to close them up.
I have 1, 2, 3 sisters so I’m thinking for the $17 I spent I might be able to come up with some nice gifts (if you’re lucky). Now I just have to find time to put them together and decide what pictures to put in the locket. I should probably hurry since my youngest sister, Katrina is turning 15 next week!

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I’m with Fergi. I want you to make one for me and I’ll buy it.I’ve been looking for a good, solid locket for seriously two years and haven’t found one I can afford. Fergi’s account above is not very encouraging!Anyway. Can’t wait to see you work your genius on those lockets. Pleeease post the results.

hey fergie, you can still buy them on etsy. i think there is one more set of 4 they are selling!! go to the link ‘these locket’ on my post

sorry! i just read the rest of your post…oops! maybe we could be blood sisters?

hey,I’ve been looking on etsy for lockets, too! i finally bought one on ebay that looked cool, but in real life it looks like it came out of a bubble gum machine, it’s huge and really ugly! so good job, if you want to sell any, i’d buy one:)

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