Onsies for baby shower

Friday I went to a baby shower for our friends Kendra and Seth Smoot. We were asked to decorate a onsie that they had sent with the invitation as a surprise for the Smoots. I thought I might as well make a few extras for part of her gift. For iron-ons, I thought they turned out pretty cute. I got the idea from these shirts I saw at Delias.


Way to go, Liz! So cute. I wish I could order a Little Miss Tiny for my sister Jamie. Except we would probably have to expand to a t-shirt. She’s not small enough for a onesie.

well the ‘little miss’ brand is copy writed so I probably shouldn’t be selling them. but i’m flattered! thanks!

i want, i want, i want. would adore the little miss tiny one. so so cute.. how do i get one for twin girls?? you doin’ orders?

yeah the iron ons that i’ve made have washed really well. i even dry a couple of mines on a regular basis and they’re still okay. typically with iron ons you’re supposed to just air dry them

so cute!do you remember those iron on tees i made you guys of a little taylor’s baby face with the words “godmother” under them when she was born? i hope these wash better than those did . . .

i drew them on illustrator. i found images of the old ‘little miss’ books and tried to draw them similar

I love them! How did you do it? Where did you pull the graphics from?

oh my gosh those look so very cute! and professional. i’m impressed.

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