Central Park got 9 inches of rain last night, the most rain in one day since 1882. Today NJ and NY have both declared a state of emergency. Hoboken is actually built 3 feet below sea level so flooding is always a major problem even during passing storms. This morning when I pulled out of my parking spot to go to work (we had a 2 hour delay) I found myself 45 minutes later only two short blocks away from where I started. That’s when I called my boss and told him ‘Yeah, I’m not coming in”. I pulled over into the first spot I could and walked the two blocks back to my apartment.
Rain day!
There’s a pilates class I might go to at noon, some grocery shopping I need to do (although I’ll have to go to the expensive gourmet store around the corner since I can’t drive anywhere in Hoboken) and some other errands I can do around town on foot. I also have some little illustrator projects I’m working on.


Paul grew up on Guam and they had “snow day” when the temp hit 60 dgrees because the school was open air and no one even had a jacket.

Closed for rain! We didn’t get to close when our entire school flooded! People had to teach in the cafeteria! I have to say school closings were the best part about teaching on the East coast, it only took the THOUGHT of something bad for schools to close. They don’t really do that in CA. Then again, we don’t get too many weather emergencies. Ps, hi Joe, what is this a Helaman Halls reunion!?

pshaw! let’s see how resilient you are moving 100 yards an hour in traffic! yeah actually most schools in the tri state area were closed today

I thought New Yorkers were tough. . . you get a little rain and it is a state of emergency??Glad you’re all okay.

Hope you have a good umbrella and some hefty wellies, Liz!I love that I can count on you for breaking news. As soon as I read “Hoboken” was affected, I came directly to your blog.

Liz,This is Joe Lowry. I saw your blog listed on Maret & Jean’s blog and thought the name was interesting, and here you are.Hope things are well. I’m living in FL and life is good.Keep dry

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