Justin TV

Remember how much you loved Truman Show? Well some guy in San Fran decided to make a truman show of his life. 16 days ago he strapped a video camara on and has been filming himself, streaming live on the web since then. Nothing is edited: bathroom, dates, fights, sleeps. Everything is recorded on live internet. Now THIS is getting good. He has become famous overnight.

Check out the live streaming below. Most of his day recently has been packed with interviews but every once in a while he has time for a date or two. I’ve found myself today leaving it on in the background while I’m doing other stuff on the computer. There’s something so fascinating about it.
He’s promised to film his life until he dies, but I think it might be just until he makes his millions.
His website is here.

Is this what we’ll be doing the next 50 years with Justin’s Life?


And maybe it would be better with a Truman Show-like soundtrack.

His apartment is so messy. Don’t think I can handle that.

I definitely don’t want to see someone living their boring life or taking a leak! I see enough of people as it is.

it’s a little creepy. i’m not sure i want to see people taking a leak!

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