Jared’s big surprise

So friday night I threw a surprise party for Jared’s 30th. Below are a few pictures, I really didn’t take that many because the night went by so quickly but I did take a few.
I was so lucky because Erin and my mother were in charge of food (the steak shish ko bobs were SUPERB) and Gabby made those gorgeous pom-pom balls made out of tissue hanging from the ceiling. All I had to do was show up with Jared (although bad traffic made us 3o minutes late!) Everything was perfect and so delicious. I also blew up a huge picture of Jared on this site (he’s standing next to it below) that we put up in the main party room.

We flew out three of his best friends from Utah (the fourth lives in Manhattan). They weren’t part of the initial surprise. We led him out to the backyard and told him there was a present for him under the tarp. When he lifted it, his four friends tackled him to the ground (there’s a dark picture of the dog pile above). He was totally surprised and wasn’t expecting it at all.

His friends spent the weekend with Jared in the city enjoying the perfect weather. On Sunday we went to liberty state park next to the statue of liberty after church.
Jared had a great time hanging out with his best friends all weekend but I’ll never throw a surprise party again for him- way too stressful and I hate keeping secrets.


i don’t think they look old… they look really cool and not old and awesome.

For 30 year olds, there sure was a lot of hair missing. Maybe next time I will make top 3 and you can see what a full head of hair looks like J.

liz, that was an amazing weekend. thanks for putting it together for us. btw, i couldn’t believe it when jared told me i was his very best friend ever!! he is so nice!

so awesome! happy birthday jared!liz, did a lot of people ask you how you blew that picture up and you had to tell them the name of the site? That happened at my sis in law’s surprise birthday party, i was like, er, i’ll e-mail you the link.

including, but not limited to 4…….tkl, phil, BUZZSAW! et al couldn’t make it, but it was super fun. liz is awesome.

The 4th lives in Manhattan…..oh, ….I see…I guess I am just one below that then.

Happy Birthday Jared! What a nice suprise from your wife to fly all your friends out to suprise you. Hope you had a great birthday.

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