Jared’s bad day

Poor Jared had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day today.

He waited for a bus to get to work for 2 hours that never showed up so with no other option he was forced to work from home (in the middle of a major deadline).

Then after leaving for an appointment, he accidentally locked himself out of the apartment and had no way to get a hold of me (left his phone in the car I had) or get in. He also spent a while on the subway looking for his wallet he thought was lost.

Jared wandered around Hoboken for 4 hours waiting for me to come back from my lacrosse game (did I mention this was in the middle of a major deadline at his work?)….and no way to get a hold of his work to let them know his dilemma.

Poor Jared. There wasn’t much I could do to cheer him up when I found him waiting for me on the steps of our apartment at 7:30pm (this shirt I got at lacrosse today almost worked…..)

I tried to quote him some witty excerpts from the David Sedaris book I had been listening to in my car. Turns out, David is a much eloquent story teller than I (and can somehow get away with telling gay jokes without being offensive).

Fortunately, Andy came to the rescue and dressed up as an easter bunny.
Those pictures seemed to do the trick.


spencer, yeah it was fine he just had to stay up super late the last two nights

I feel awful for Jared. Definitely ask the dry cleaners to keep a spare key.

seriously. or at least move to where we know one of our neighbors’ names so we can ask them to keep a key. we’re debating about asking the owner of the dry cleaners next door. they’re always around.

i guess i can forgive you for not answering your phone yesterday.

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